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For more than four decades CMP has been the magazine of choice for the true fan of country music. It is written and produced by genuine fans of the genre and is not only read by country fans but it's read by buyers of country music and gig-goers. Our straight talking album reviews are highly regarded and we never mind where the music comes from - major label, independent, Nashville or Texas, Canada, Australia, Europe or even Brazil. Therefore, whether you're an independent artist, a record label, a tour promoter, bespoke guitar maker or ..., CMP is a great choice for reaching country fans. 

We are UK based and the core of our readership is in the UK and Europe but it is read globally and we have subscribers in Japan, Australia and South Africa as well as the United States. We have a range of advertising options to suit any requirements. So feel free to contact us any time and let us know what you need. We can supply a media pack on request.