Jeremy Pinnell + Ags Connolly

Jeremy Pinnell, Kentucky's son from across the river, is a soft-spoken man, born to an area that is equal parts Southern hospitality, Northern attitude and Midwestern charm. Raised from humble beginnings of singing in church and learning the guitar from his father, his craft quickly made heads turn and rooms fall silent. But with his departure from home at 18 to venture into the unknown with only his music, this young man soon found himself surrounded by the demons of the world he used to try and sing away.

The stories told are true, not embellished folklore. (”With an almost uncomfortable accuracy — the kind of dark, ominous emotions most people try to bury" – Citybeat Cincinnati). Jeremy will not speak of them – only sing. While he has returned to his humble beginnings and is living an honest life, his experiences must be heard to be believed. They are real, and most importantly, never forgotten.

The venue is 
Mama Liz's Voodoo Lounge located in Stamford, Lincolnshire - close to the A1 - and tickets can be purchased from

Libby Koch plus support from Two Ways Home 

Thursday 24th August 2017

Scott Southworth plus support from Ags Connolly + Old Boy (Of The Fens) 

Thursday 20th July 2017